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Siruvani Waterfalls and Dam – Coimbatore



Siruvani Waterfalls and the dam named after them are located 35 kilometres west of Coimbatore in the Western Ghats. The reservoir at Siruvani built by the Kerala government with funds provided by the Tamil Nadu government to meet Coimbatore’s drinking water needs. The entrances on both sides of the road that runs across the dam are typical of Kerala, as are the architectural styles of Tamil Nadu. Siruvani is also home to a few tribes, including the Irulas, Mudugars, and Irulas. The waterfalls and dam are popular tourist destinations.

Siruvani Waterfalls
Siruvani Waterfalls

Siruvani Waterfalls Timings Today

Siruvani Waterfalls Opening times and entry fees are listed below.

Entry fee : 50 Rs for adult
Visitor Hours:10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
Visitors’ Time:4 to 6 hrs
Camera Fee100 rs
Vedio camera fee250 rs

Waterfalls contact number

Siruvani Falls and Dam are located in Coimbatore’s Anamalai Range. You can contact them directly if you wish to make the journey or if you require any assistance. +91 4924207 042 is the phone number.

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Siruvani Waterfalls Online Booking

There is no need of online booking for to visit waterfalls, the Forest Department will organise a shuttle bus. Bus leaves from the point of boarding and does not go directly to the waterfalls, but it will drop you off at a specific location in the forest. Then, 5 minutes, walk leads to waterfalls.

Distance from coimbatore

Siruvani Waterfall is located at 35km from central coimbatore in the ghats area. Private vehicles are not allowed beyond sadivayal checkpost. To get to the correct location for bathing, almost 1 kilometre trip through the forest required.

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Interesting Facts About Siruvani Waterfalls

  • Falls and Siruvani Dam are the consequence of a combined effort between the Tamil Nadu and Kerala governments to supply water in the Coimbatore area. Its significance can be seen by looking at the location of these waterfalls, which nestled among lush vegetation in The Western Ghats.
  • The waters that pour from these waterfalls are mineral-rich. Local communities use it as a source of drinking water.
  • The woodland region that surrounds these waterfalls is home to numerous species of fauna and flora, as well as different tribes. Guests have reported seeing elephants roaming in the nearby areas, which is why forest guards continue to patrol the woodlands to protect visitors’ safety.

Waterfalls photos

Siruvani water renowned to be one of the world’s sweetest waters, with many claiming that it is the world’s second tastiest drinking water.

siruvani main falls
siruvani main falls