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Coolest Places In Tamilnadu

This post was last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 12:36 am

The Coolest places in Tamilnadu know more about the top 10 coolest places in tamilnadu. Ooty, the number one hill station of Tamil Nadu, is the coolest place in Tamilnadu and the favorite amongst the Tamil Nadu & Karnataka & Kerala travellers.

Coolest Places In Tamilnadu

List Of Coolest Places in Tamilnadu

  1. Ooty
  2. Kodaikanal
  3. Coonoor
  4. Yercaud
  5. Kotagiri
  6. Valparai
  7. Yelagiri Hills
  8. Kolli Hills
  9. Topslip
  10. Meghamalai

Summer’s Coolest places in Tamilnadu


All tourists would like to see the marvelous magic of Ooty’s mountains and valleys. The Queen of the Hills is correctly named, and people call it Udhagamandalam too. Ooty is one of the Top tourist plces in Tamil Nadu.

At 7,440 feet above sea level, Ooty was during days of slavery a popular summer retreat for the Britain. A lot of tourists are attracted by the rolling hills, lush green vegetation, and the misty landscape.

Best Time to Visit OotyMarch – June , October – February
Temperature of OotyWinter – 5c – 18c
Summer – 16c – 24c
Best Places to See in OotyDoddabetta Peak, Pykara Lake, Avalanche Lake, Rose Garden,
Botanical Garden, Ooty Lake, Tea Museum, Deer Park

Best Ooty Tour Trip Plan From Bangalore – Top 5 things

2. Kodaikanal

One of the top tourist destinations in Tamilnadu has been Kodaikanal, called Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal or Kodai. Kodai has several picturesque sights at an altitude of approximately 2133 m amid the rolling hills of the Palani Hills.

Kodaikanal is not widely marketed like Ooty and offers tourists with a relatively small crowd an enjoyable experience. Kodaikanal is situated about 500 km from Chennai and about 450 km from Bangalore.

Bycycle Rent and ride is famous in kodaikanal around Kodai lake one of the best Coolest places in tamilnadu to visit.

Best Time to Visit KodaikanalMarch – June , October – February
Temperature of KodaikanalWinter – 14c – 20c
Summer – 18c – 30c
Best Places to See in KodaikanalKodai Lake, Pillar Rocks, Coaker’s Walk, Berijam Lake,
Bryant Park, Silver Cascade Falls, Dolphins Nose,
Kodaikanal Pine Forest, Kukkal Caves


Coonor, located at an altitude of 1930 meters, is gradually becoming one of the most Coolest Places In Tamilnadu. It has panoramic views of Nilgiri Mountain and Catarine Waterfall, and is the perfect entrance for those who care about the hills! Or, when travelling from Coonoor to Ooty, you can take a train that runs regularly and showcases the beauty of the area Coolest places in tamilnadu to travel.

Best Time to Visit CoonorMarch – May , October – January
Temperature of CoonorWinter – 18c – 22c
Summer – 20c – 30c
Best Places to See in CoonorSim’s Park,Tea Estate, Tiger Hill Cemetery,Droog Fort,
Wellington Lake, Lamb’s Rock

4. Yercuad

A Best hill station in Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a place where you can admire the colors of nature. Several acres of green coffee plantations and the endless blue make up the endless landscape of the blue hills. Like a lonely traveler, gray clouds hover in the sky. Not only coffee plantations, but also orange and pear plantations are found in Ekaud’s orchards. In addition, there are oak and sandalwood forests, both of which are home to a wide variety of wild animals. Yercaud is also called as Poor’s ooty (Yezhagailin Ooty).

Best Time to Visit YercuadOctober – Feb
Temperature of YercuadWinter – 18c – 22c
Summer – 20c – 30c
Best Places to See in YercuadBotanical Garden, Emerald Lake, Lady’s Seat, Bear’s Cave,
Shevaroy Temple, Deer Park, Pagoda Point, Killiyur Falls


Kotagiri is famous for its magnificent landscapes, tea plantations, coffee plantations, hiking trails and ravines as one of the oldest mountain resorts in Tamil Nadu. Kotagiri is at a height of 1847 meters in Tamil Nadu. Kotagiri, the fourth largest coolest town, is surrounded by green hills and lovely landscapes of surreal imagination. The good climate, the amazing landscape and the peaceful pace of the life attract people who want to escape the bustle.

Best Time to Visit KotagiriMarch – May , October – January
Temperature of KotagiriWinter – 18c – 22c
Summer – 20c – 30c
Best Places to See in KotagiriCatherine Falls, John Sullivan Memorial, Longwood Shola Wood,
Elk Falls, Kodanad Viewpoint, Rangaswamy Peak and Pillars
Summer's Coolest places in Tamilnadu
Summer’s Coolest places in Tamilnadu

Best Coolest Places In Tamilnadu

6. Valparai

Valparai Located withinside the Anamalai Hill Range, its is a fascinating hill station. It is part of the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and is surrounded via way of means of tea and coffee plantations. You will discover peace and calmness right here in case you agree with in dwelling in concord with nature and yourself.

Valparai is situated at an altitude of 1500 meters. Tamil Nadu’s best hill stations are renowned for their clean air, lush greenery and cool climate.

Best Time to Visit ValparaiSep – March
Temperature of ValparaiWinter – 15c – 25c
Best Places to See in ValparaiAnaimalai Hills, Monkey Falls, Solaiyar Dam, Nirar Dam,
Nallamudi View point, Chinnakallar Falls

7. Yelagiri

Tamil Nadu’s Hill Station of Yelagiri is the exact opposite of Ooty or Kodaikanal, but its charm will still captivate you. In the middle of four hills, Yelagiri is a unique place. To reach this station on the mountain, you have to drive up the mountainside and take 14 hairpin turns. You pass through villages, green fields and orchards on the way. If you like to hike, Yelagiri is a great place to explore and coolest tourist places in tamilnadu.

Best Time to Visit YelagiriNovember – Feb
Temperature of YelagiriWinter – 14c – 22c
Summer – 21c – 30c
Best Places to See in YelagiriJalagamparai Falls, Panganur Lake, Nilavoor Lake,
Nature Park, Velavan Temple, Government Herbal Park,
Amirthi Zoological Waterfalls

Coolest tourist places in tamilnadu

8. Kolli Hills

Going to Kolli Hills is a real adventure in and of itself. As many as 70 bends and curves will take your breath away, and the scenic beauty of this trip will be a memorable experience for any tourist. Tamil nadu highest bend is in Kolli Hills.

It is a popular activity in Kolli Hills to go on a trek. This waterfall trek is one of the highlights of a visit to Kolli Hills.

Evergreen forests cover the Kolli hills and there are many animals to be found. In addition to hiking, you can stroll through fruit orchards and coffee plantations.

Best Time to Visit Kolli HillsSep – March
Temperature of Kolli HillsWinter – 14c – 23c
Best Places to See in Kolli HillsEttukai Amman Temple, Agasagangai waterfalls,
Botanical Garden, Siddhar Caves, Vasalurpatty Boat House,
Rock Pillar Viewpoint

9. Topslip

Topslip is one of the prime hill stations in Tamil Nadu to peer the wild splendor of nature’s bounty. In addition to the wildlife sanctuaries, you may also hike in the hills and observe the rich birdlife.

All around you are vast expanses of lush, unexplored rainforests, gurgling river streams winding through the hills, and picturesque valleys, topslip is one of the best coolest places in tamil nadu.

Best Time to Visit TopslipSep – March
Temperature of TopslipWinter – 20c – 33c
Best Places to See in TopslipMonkey Falls, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Siruvani Falls,
Loam’s View Point, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve,
Pykara Waterfalls, National Park

10. Meghamalai

Meghamalai is one of the unexplored hill stations in Tamil Nadu. A thick forest of Western Ghats hides its beauty. It’s not uncommon to come face-to-face with a Squirrel or see butterflies in the bushes while exploring these dense tropical forests to visit top 10 tourist places in tamilnadu.

Best Time to Visit MeghamalaiSep – March
Temperature of MeghamalaiWinter – 18c – 33c
Best Places to See in MeghamalaiWildlife Sanctuary, Dams , Meghamalai Falls,
Vellamalai, Maharajamettu View Point
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