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50+ Online girls Whatsapp number for Chatting and Friendship



Real girls whatsapp number list

This post was last updated on February 29th, 2024 at 02:40 pm

Online girls Whatsapp number: When a person turns 18, they start thinking about girls. Or, if you want to talk to a girl, you have come to the right place if you want to talk to girls or want an Indian girl’s Whatsapp number. Today, Some Whatsapp numbers of single girls are below.

Real girls whatsapp number list
Real girls whatsapp number list

If you’ve been frustrated by Google searches for “Single girl Whatsapp number,” “Online girl number,” “Real girl Whatsapp number,” and “Real girl phone Number,” but you haven’t found a single India girl Whatsapp number, you don’t need to worry about anything now. I’m going to give you the Whatsapp numbers of more than 50 girls who will talk to you in real life.

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Online girls Whatsapp number

If you only want to talk on India girl whatsapp, I’ll give you some names. Which are only India girl whatsapp number, with this number you can do whatsapp chat, video calling, and personal calling.

Girl whatsapp number

  • (+915287293672) Aarna – 21 years and this girl is from Delhi.
  • (+918739274929) Her name is Chhaya she is from Bengaluru her Age is: 20 years.
  • (+91828632973) name: Aadhya and she is from Kolkata, she is 19 years old.
girls whatsapp number list
girls whatsapp number list

Whatsapp Phone Numbers of Indian Girls

Below are the list of real Online girls Whatsapp number for chatting purpose.

  1. +916379326367 Puja
  2. +919988626706 Nupur
  3. +919871083192 Anchal
  4. +919654160807 Archana
  5. +919871082724 Meenakshi
  6. +919873379793 Anu
  7. +919871083892 Mamta
  8. +919211320503 Lalita
  9. +919799122501 Kirti
  10. +918427646112 Sonia
  11. +919953542115 Akansha
  12. +919871084094 Priya
  13. +918427646117 Asha
  14. +919799122511 Aashi
  15. +919654160801 Sita:
  16. +919417184604 Jyoti
  17. +919211320513 Silky
  18. +919654160852 Afsana
  19. +919871083092 Priya
Single Girls WhatsApp Number for friendship
Single Girls WhatsApp Number for friendship

Whatsapp number of a real girl

Every single one of the girl Whatsapp numbers we gave you above is real, and what I’m about to say is also real. But none of these girls has a boyfriend.

Number for a single girl on WhatsApp

  1. +918826049083 Rajani
  2. +918107436054 Sahini
  3. +919432092595 Veeny
  4. +917666020401 Sanya
  5. +918860721609 Seema
  6. +9109878116264 Rohini
  7. +919871060401 Heer
  8. +919988684521 Ruby
  9. +919871082524 jyoti

Whatsapp number chat online with a girl friend

If you want to talk all day on online chat Indian girl whatsapp number, save the number below in your phone and use it to talk to girls whatsapp number for friendship.

Now that we’ve given you some Online girls Whatsapp number in this post, I hope you won’t have to look for Indian girl’s WhatsApp number on Google. If you like the India girl whatsapp number I gave you, please tell your friends about this post.